Yoga poses to relieve PMT

Yoga poses to relieve PMT

If you're one of the 40% of women who suffer from PMT (pre-menstrual tension) you'll be all too familiar with the monthly mix of mood swings, back ache, stomach cramp and headaches - and that's all before your period even arrives! If your first instinct is to reach for the chocolate, curl up in bed and binge watch Netflix for a week then hey, we're not going to stop you. Many of us resort to painkillers to get us through the worst but recent research has shown there may be another way.

A study at Kings College London has found that every relevant study over the past 20 years showed improved PMT symptoms and irregular periods in women aged 13 - 45 who regularly practice yoga. The results showed that yoga not only relieves physical symptoms such as stomach cramps and headaches but it can even calm mood swings and relieve mild depression. The most effective poses found to reduce PMT symptoms were cobra, cat and fish, whilst inverted poses like the scorpion, plough and handstands should be avoided during your period.
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