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10 Anti-Woman Laws (Somehow) Still on the Books in the USA

Corinne Collins

Posted on January 12 2017

Many of the laws that we abide by have some wonderful benefits. Ostensively they help to keep the peace and make sure that things run smoothly in our society. But, there are some laws in place which make absolutely no sense. Some of these laws are aimed at women and deserve further exploration and quite a few WTFs.

1. In Florida, women can be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer.

Make sure that you are well-rested before going to the hair salon. If you fall asleep under the dryer, which may happen because it’s so warm, comfortable, and, for many busy women, may be one of the few moments that we have to sit still, you can be fined. You can also get the salon owner in trouble and run the risk of a permanent bad hair day. So, stay awake!

2. In Virginia, it is illegal to tickle women.

Sorry folks, but tickle fights are a no go. Being an extremely ticklish woman myself, I can imagine that this law was enacted because there were too many accidental assault cases where a woman had a knee-jerk reaction and hit someone who tickled her. So, it was decided to hold the real predators accountable – the ticklers.

3. In South Carolina and Mississippi, it is illegal to accept a marriage proposal and not follow through.

Apparently, some women were so hard up for husbands, they would sleep with any man in exchange for a wedding ring (no judgement), so this law was enacted. Breaking this law (aka changing your mind) is now punishable by one year in prison in South Carolina and five years in prison in Mississippi.

4. In Carrizozo, New Mexico, it’s forbidden for a female to appear unshaven in public.

Welp, I guess you’ll never find me in that part of New Mexico because shaving is something that I do on special occasions. Like my birthday or going swimming (on my birthday).

5. In Florida, unmarried women cannot parachute on Sunday or she will risk arrest and/or a fine.

I have no idea why this would apply to only single women or why Sunday was the special day slated, but it is a law on the books, nonetheless. It seems like this law was enacted because some fun-loving woman felt particularly adventurous and tragedy struck. I can hear the “logic” now. “This senseless tragedy could have been avoided if she was married and it wasn’t Sunday! Let us pass a law!”

6. In Lousiana, Alabama, and Georgia, it is illegal to sell sex toys.

Como what?! I have heard about crazy laws prohibiting premarital sex or cohabitating with someone that you aren’t married to, but I can’t buy a toy to play with my OWN hoohah?? Madness! This is a crime punishable by up to $10,000 in fines and three years in prison. The first offense is a misdemeanor. Any repeat offenses are considered felonies.

I would like to note that this law seems particularly pointed at women because there is nothing regulating sexual facilitators, like Viagra, which can burst in Kool-Aid Man style into family TV time, making for some uncomfortable questions from my children.

7. In Carmel, California, women cannot wear shoes over two inches high with less than one square inch of heel without a permit.

A permit to wear heels? And I’m curious to see what made them come up with specific measurements that would govern this senseless law. But, hey, maybe this might be a good way to get out of wearing pretty yet uncomfortable footwear. “Why am I wearing flats, you ask? My permit just expired and I haven’t renewed it yet.”

8. In Cleveland, it is illegal to show underboob.

I have heard of having the nipple covered and might better understand cleavage (although I wholeheartedly subscribe to the Free the Tatas movement). But, underboob? In fact, the law goes on to stipulate that people who show underboob are to be banned from getting service at establishments. No shoes, no shirt, no underboob coverage, no service, I guess.

9. In Waynesboro, Virginia, it’s against the law for a woman to drive a car on Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of her car waving a red flag.

So, basically, unless you and your husband are a part of some secret drag race team that ONLY races on Main Street, you have no business there, ladies. Again, the logic behind this law is lost on me, but the fact that this law is still on the books is hilarious.

10. In North Carolina, a woman cannot withdraw consent about sex and call it rape.

If ever there was a call for legislative reform, this law should top the list as one that should be discarded as one of history’s shameful secrets. Because of this law, rapes are getting dismissed, as was the case with one Charlotte high schooler because she initially gave consent. To say that a woman does not have the right to change her mind at any point when it comes to what she is doing with her own body is disgusting.

Legal is not always logical. And even in a country which boasts of being the land of the free and providing equal rights for all, women are still being affected by boxed-in thinking. Most of these laws are just funny anecdotes for us to shake our heads at and dismiss. But, shaking our heads will not enact change and many of these outdated laws need serious and immediate change to lay the groundwork for true equality.

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