Menstrual Delights: The Best Adult Beverages for your Period

Menstrual Delights: The Best Adult Beverages for your Period

While most experts will tell you it is not advisable to drink alcohol during your period for a host of reasons, sometimes you just want a drink to soothe your cramps or feel a little less “bleh.” Invite over your gals, wheel out the bar cart, and make a few drinks to toast Eve’s Curse. Soon enough you will be celebrating your endometrial sloughing with some spirits!

Bloody Mary…she can relate

There’s an old wives’ tale that women should not can tomatoes during their periods because they will spoil. What better way to shake off that rubbish than a nice tall Bloody Mary? It also seems like the most thematically appropriate drink there ever was for this special time of the month. Fun fact, the celery garnishing your spicy tomato and vodka happiness is a great way to fight bloating, so do a double shot of stalks! The best thing about Bloody Marys? They are breakfast appropriate.

“Bring Me Two Pina Coladas; I gotta have one for each hand..”

It’s not just a Garth Brooks song, it’s a way of life. When it feels like you are being repeatedly kicked by Juan Valdez’s mule, head South in your mind and mouth with the classic umbrella drink. The rum will give you a nice little spread of warmth in your nethers and pineapple is a period wonder fruit that not only relaxes your muscles, but boots bloat.

A Wee Bit of the Irish

Need a little energy for happy hour? An Irish Coffee may be just what you need. The whiskey warms you and the creamy Bailey’s soothes and mellows you out. The real power for this wonderful whistle-wetter though is in the Joe. Coffee boosts energy and soothes cramps, so not only will it give you a nice pick me up, it will settle your sore core.

The Menstrual Cycle

Slow gin is fun to watch (its like watching alcohol make “the good love”) and The Menstrual Cycle doesn’t disappoint. Pour two-to-three ounces of sour lemonade over a rock-filled highball glass. Add two ounces of slow gin and watch how they “bleed together” (cringe-worthy, but fun, admit it). Then add vodka, stir, and swig.

Making an Old Fashioned a little spicier

A reimagining of the classic, this drink is double-yum and beneficial. In case you didn’t know, cinnamon is a powerhouse spice. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, it is also anti-clotting, and anti-spasmodic which means it will attack those cramps as soon as it assaults your taste buds. Blend a bit of Fireball Whiskey, orange juice, and maple syrup to your liking and enjoy. Maybe play a little Spice Girls while you do (you know you want to).

Try to keep yourself to just one drink per day when on your period so you don’t worsen PMS symptoms. Cheers!

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