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Ask a Dude: Okay... So What's a Period?

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Posted on May 08 2017

It’s no big shocker that much of the anatomical and emotional intricacies of The Other Sex remain a mystery to many men. But to what extent are the Mars/Venus cliches valid and how much are we just giving the dudes in our lives an unnecessarily hard time?

We decided to dig little deeper and ask a couple dudes some questions about us ladies and all our business. Starting with the basics: What’s a Period?

MG: So… What’s a Period?

Dude: A monthly menstrual cycle…

MG: Yes, but what does that mean?

Dude: I don’t really know…

MG: What do you think the significance of it is?

Dude: It’s related to reproduction and when you’re pregnant, it stops. Aside from that, I’m not sure what other function it serves.

MG: Basically, you’re right…


MG: So, do you remember learning about periods in school?

Dude: Yeah, but not the specifics.

MG: Did your mom ever talk to you about it?

Dude: Not really, no.

MG: Let’s play word association. Period. Go!

Dude: Tampons. Cramps. Once a month. Cycle.

MG: All the things! Have you ever bought tampons for a lady in your life?

Dude: Yes.

MG: What was that experience like?

Dude: A little awkward, but fine. Maybe if I was younger it would be more so, but not now.

MG: Why would it have been awkward back then?

Dude: Because when you’re a boy, you’re sensitive to things like that… it’s a product for women and you feel embarrassed. It’s hard to say. It’s drilled into you, I guess. It’s a private thing. The subject of periods is very private, not something people talk about. Why is it embarrassing?!

MG: Yes! WHY? Should it be embarrassing?

Dude: No! It’s not a big deal. But for some reason, on both sides, it’s a stigma. Women don’t really talk about it to guys and guys don’t really seek out the information. That’s your disconnect.

MG: We’ve figured it out! This conversation is part of the solution, hopefully.

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