The Bush is Back a.k.a. The Revival of Pubic Hair

The Bush is Back a.k.a. The Revival of Pubic Hair

When it comes to grooming down low, there are as many style options as items on a Cheesecake Factory menu, but more and more women are going native and letting the bush bloom rather than weed-whacking and waxing it into oblivion. So, why are women passing on abolishing their pubic hair?

First, in these budget-sensitive times, it’s almost foolhardy for the average woman to commit to an $80 (before tip) Brazilian every six-to-eight weeks. That’s about $700 per year you can spend on other things (or save). There is also the lovely itchy, ingrown hair probable, growing out period that happens every, oh, two-to-three days from shaving, not to mention razor burn, interesting abstract hair designs you don’t intend since you can’t get a good angle in the shower, and of course, nicks and cuts.

In addition, many women are citing both feminist and individualistic reasons. According to a recent survey by Cosmopolitan, 46-percent of men prefer a woman to be totally bare down there (sorry, no recent statistics on the female side of that equation). Rather than bend to the will of the faceless male masses, women are defining their own concept of their feminine divine. I mean, seriously, does pubic hair determine how sexy you feel? Does it change when you go from bald to bush woman?

As some food for thought, here are a few reasons why having fuzz on the peach can be a beautiful thing. (In fact, some women are even having pubic hair transplants to undo a previously lasered bare bikini.)

Your vagina is made of mucus membrane, which is very, very delicate skin.

Pubic hair is there to give a little cushion between your vagina and a harsh, mean world full of bacteria, polyblends, and well, dicks. It keeps bacteria from entering and ensures your vaginal folds don’t stick together (which can cause rash and infection). It cannot save you from a douchey guy, however.

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and itchiness.

As any woman who has tended her garden knows, about two-to-three days after a full shave, things can get quite prickly down-under as well as sore from ingrown hairs which feel like teenage acne in your nether region. No bueno.

You’ll be less likely to contract an STD.

Now, don’t go getting crazy and have unprotected sex because of this, but pubic hair prevents skin-to-skin contact for such STDs as HPV, herpes, and HIV. Waxing and shaving cause microscopic tears in the skin which make you more susceptible to STDs, ipso facto, no tears means more protection (but always be safe!).

More cushion = more pushin’.

Because pubic hair acts as a natural cushion (see above), you can go longer and harder when you choose to sex it up and you won’t be raw downtown as a result.

Let’s have a bit of real talk. I was a hard and fast Brazilian girl for years and years. At first, I’ll admit, I may have undergone the Full Monty for my main squeeze because it drove him even more insane for the poontang. Over time, however, as I grew into myself and gained more self-confidence, I did it for me because I found it made me wildly confident and uninhibited and I liked that. Now, many more years down the road, I just do whatever I feel like, because as my friend Guinevere tells me, “You are a womanly woman,” and I will be no matter how I landscape my pubicum capillum.

In short, you do you, Boo.

Photo courtesy of Greatist

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