How To (Handle): Getting Your Period Before Sex or During Sex

How To (Handle): Getting Your Period Before Sex or During Sex

Getting your period is never convenient, but it throws a big annoying wrench into your plans when you’re planning on getting it on with your partner; or even worse- during the deed itself.

Let’s face the facts, sometimes your period shows up a bit early and pre-menstrual symptoms make you hornier than a rabbit at a bunny farm- so what’s a gal to do?

You don’t want to waste all that prep work of shaving your entire body so you’re as smooth as a newborn dolphin just to let your period ruin things. Believe it or not, having sex both before and during your period is actually fantastic for your symptoms.

If your lucky partner is willing, here’s how to maximize your experience to reach O-town in a fantastic new way:

First and foremost, be straight up with your partner.

The first thing you have to brave is letting your person know what’s happening down there when they starts ravaging you and getting you in the mood. No one wants surprise blood all our over their junk, and some are actually pretty grossed out by periods in general- it is what it is. Tell them you’re down to try it as long as they’re comfortable. You might be surprised at the willingness once you explain your game plan.

Use protection, always.

Periods alone are messy, but during sex, with all that other lubrication, it can resemble a crime scene in your bed. Plus, being on your period doesn’t absolve your risk of pregnancy. Sperm can still live inside you for 2-5 days. The risk is still pretty low, but you can still get pregnant while on your period- so be smart. Using a condom not only helps with the mess factor, it will also help with your own piece of mind.

Put a towel or two down.

You’ll definitely want to lay some towels down. No one wants permanent blood stains on their 1500 thread count sheets. Keep an extra towel handy, or even some tissues. This will help to minimize the clean-up aftermath.

Skip the foreplay, you’ll thank yourself.

While it’s totally cool to go down on your partner or get extra hands-y with them, you’ll want to avoid receiving any oral or digital action- this should be pretty self-explanatory as to why.

Choose your positions wisely.

Choosing the right positions is also pretty crucial to ensure that you enjoy yourself mess free to the fullest. Missionary is always a safe bet because you’ll bleed right on the towel below you as opposed to on your person’s chest. It’s also important to note that having sex right before your period can sometimes cause a delay in your regular start date, so as long as you’ve used protection, try not to panic if things are running a little bit behind schedule.

Choose shower sex if you can manage it.

If you feel extra ambitious (because your hormone game is undeniably strong) choose shower sex for a no muss no fuss sex session. Your period may not completely stop for the water, but it will wash away any mess immediately. Plus, you kill two birds with one stone. An orgasm that results in a clean and relaxed body is complete heaven- don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Forget about the mess, and enjoy the bliss.

If you can check the mess out of your head and just enjoy the flow of things, both figuratively and literally, you’ll actually come to find that sex on your period is pretty fucking fantastic- you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner. If you follow this guide to keep the damage to a minimum, you, your body and your partner will be extremely satisfied.

Happy humping!

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