Work it Out: 4 Easy Exercises to Ease Your Period Pain

Work it Out: 4 Easy Exercises to Ease Your Period Pain

When talking about the period, many women might think of extended naps, comfortably ugly sweats, and comfort foods dripping with all kinds of unhealthiness. Exercise might be the very last thing which comes to mind. However, there are some practical, easy exercises which can help to ease the pains associated with getting your period.


Experts agree that this is the best form of exercise which helps in relieving menstrual pains. Exercises which increase the heart rate, such as jogging, biking, or even ice skating, when done at least 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes can help to relieve pain. When the heart gets pumping, beta-endorphins, our body’s natural opioid, gets released, offering relief from pain without the need to constantly pop pills. These exercises work as natural lubricants for joints, which encourage more range of motion. More range of motion means feeling physically able to handle the high impact exercises needed in aerobic exercises.


Some women find it challenging to engage in vigorous aerobic workouts because of menstrual pain. So, walking might be a more agreeable exercise. While the most benefit would come from a brisk walk, one that would get the heart pumping, simply getting and keeping your body moving has its benefits. If nothing else, getting out into the fresh air, either alone or with a talking mate, can work to elevate your mood and make you less likely to focus on menstrual pain.


Some of the pain associated with the period comes from muscles contracting. Therefore, stretching the body can help to alleviate some of these pains. Lying flat on the ground and elongating your body as much as possible can help to unclench some of these muscles. Also, wrapping your arms around your knees while in the fetal position while rocking on your lower back can help to give relief for some of the back pain that make even simple tasks seem impossible when on your period.


Yoga has been heralded as an exercise regimen that has many physical and spiritual benefits. It only makes sense that the stretching and breathing common in many poses would offer relief from menstrual pains. Some poses which has offered marked relief from abdominal cramps, low-back pain, and leg discomfort are Janu Sirsasana, a head-to-knee forward bend, pasasana, where you lock your hands together behind you and twist your torso, and ustrasana, also known as camel pose, a pose where you bend backward while on your knees.

In a world where menstrual pains can have women popping pills like skittles, knowing how to manage pains with exercise can do much to help with pain while also reducing the risk of damaging vital organs by the overuse of pain killers. While it may take a little boost and will power to take the first step, with the reward being pain relief, it is well worth the effort it takes. So, take a deep breath and work it out! Your pain free body will thank you.

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